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Is this a Story?

I wrote a poem three times in three different ways. Still didn’t feel confident enough to press the publish button. Am I just changing the lines in the poem or I am trying to change the story? Maybe I am trying to portray my own side of the story. Fake or True? I don’t know. […]

A Broken heart.

Hearts break everyday. And that’s what it is.And we can mend our hearts, right?It just takes time. But does it get mended properly?Can our heart love the way it used to?But Even if it is not broken anymore, I can still see the broken joints on it. And then there’s this one part which is […]

Urdu poetry with Translation.

“Dilo ki hera-feri me, Kyu najaane meri rooh khafa si lagti hai.  Sanaate me rehne ki najaane aadat si usko lagti hai.  Sifar sa ye khwaab aaj toota sa kuch lag rha hai, Uss lamhe me jaake sab bhooladene ko dil karta hai, Magar ek Maazi hie toh hai jo aaj tk haath pakade khara […]

What is this world from your eyes?

The way I see the world is not the way you see it.Is it because we have different eyes or different souls?I see the world more colourful and you see the world mere combination of blacks and whites.Then how did our hearts connected?How did our eyes meet?From those hundreds of people in the bar.You saw […]

Misconceptions about India.

Yesterday I was watching stand up comedy on India by an American comedian. In puns and jokes, his comedy was hilarious. But it was more hilarious in the context of the facts and misconceptions. And this got me thinking about what people really think about India. I googled more, watched more videos, more content and […]

It’s OKAY.

“Ye Dil Hi To Hai, Na Koi Sang-O-Kisht. Dard se Bhar na Aaye Kyun, Ham Royenge Hazaar Baar, Koi Hame Sataye Kyun.”(It is but my heart, not made of marble. Why should it not get hurt? I will cry a thousand times over, no one should complaint to me about it.)– Mirza ghalib These lines […]

If I get a chance…

If I get a chance to go back in my past.And meet my younger self,I’d ask her.Why did you care so much?

A devil named MAN

Red blood dripping, Silence everywhere. Rocking Chair moving. The house echoed with laughter and flirting. Wine opened, glasses clinked. On the other side of the wall, She crawled to a corner, trying to hide her face. Face covered with cuts and bruises. Eye swelled up. Mirror laughing. From the opposite corner, A picture of the […]

Do you ever feel?

Do you ever feel like you are sacrificing too much? That you need to just stop. Stop and introspect. Are you losing yourself while taking care of others? Do you ever feel that you want to scream at the top of your voice and let the whole world know about the tornado within you? But […]

Book Review: A Thousand Splendid Suns

“Learn this now and learn it well. Like a compass facing north, a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman. Always. You remember that, Mariam.” – The thousand splendid suns The Thousand Spendid Suns is a novel by Khaled Hosseini published in the year 2004. The title of the novel is taken from a line […]

That wrinkled sheet of paper.

Today I sat down to write. I opened my laptop and as I was staring at that blank page, one thought came to my mind. WHY DO I TYPE AND NOT JUST WRITE IT DOWN? I don’t really like to type. I realised that I am dying to pick up a pen and scribble on […]

A woman in the mirror.

I looked in the mirror and saw a grown up woman.The face so dull, the eyes so tired.The woman in the mirror closed her eyesTears dropping as the time flies.I tried to touch her, console her from that pain.The heart wrenching pain went across my veins.It’s okay you messed up. I wanted to say.After this […]

Let’s get to know each other.

Hello there 🙂 I am just a random girl with a plethora of senseless thoughts that I feel should be shared. Identity is not our name or where we belong to, but it is what we feel and how we see the world. So Let’s share our thoughts and ideas about anything and everything and […]

Let go..

I saw a girl on street, Tears in her eyes, trying to pick some pieces. Red, blue, purple. Some pieces. Getting pulled away by some people. Some just stared and laughed. Still trying to get those pieces together. Crying.

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Merci. You too Take care. Hope you and your family is doing well. 🌸
You Have a Youtube Channel? I will definitely check that out. 🤗

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Thank you for your visit and your comment. In these delicate and unprecedented times of the “Covid-19” pandemic, be careful and take good care of yourself.

Friendly and musical kisses from Auvergne (France).

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